Age to Age and the Two Harbors Community Radio Record History

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From the Lake County News Chronicle:

Two organizations have come together to preserve a local treasure – the memories of our elder neighbors. Age to Age, an initiative to bring youth and seniors together for mutual learning experiences, is teaming with Two Harbors Community Radio to gather news stories. The plan is to broadcast the digitally recorded memoirs in the form of podcasts when the radio’s website goes live.

Last week, Michelle Miller and Jackie Rennwald from the radio’s board of directors led a workshop to help students – Malachi Schubert, Will Peterson, Henry Rennwald and Dale Peterson – develop their skills as documentarians before meeting with their elder partners. Jackie Rennwald has worked in radio for a number of years and agreed to guide the process.

“The workshop covered such content as preparing for an interview, good techniques, improving speaking habits and ways of delivering questions to get the best response,” Rennwald said.

The four boys were among several students selected to participate in the project and a number of adults have also approached the board about doing interview with subjects of their choosing. Rennwald said she is planning to offer additional workshops in the summer and fall for other would-be broadcast journalists.

Click here to download the newspaper clipping (pdf).

Click here to see the Lake County News Chronicle article.


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