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The New Year may bring yet more changes, but bringing you up to date for now is the new program grid as of December 3, 2016, linked below. Scott Golden is introducing us to his choices of music with his 55 Minutes on Wednesday evenings, at 6:05pm. And there is now a potluck slot at 7pm on Sundays where we will share hour long documentaries or random music offerings, mostly from outside sources but also some locally produced.

A recent addition is the occasional DJ for a Day, on 2nd and 5th Wednesdays from 7-8:00pm, repeated at 10:00am on Fridays. So far we have had three guest hosts who brought and/or chose their own music, introducing it and playing it with assistance from one of our trained hosts. Two of these hosts are going on to produce their own shows (Scott Golden – on the new program grid as of December – and Kim Leon), but you may also do it as just a one-time thing. Call 595-6195 to get in line for your turn at the mic. No training is necessary for this gig, a good way to test your enthusiasm for doing your own show eventually.

Local programming is our priority, so there IS still room in our schedule for new local programs – we will happily displace outside programs for good local programming.

If you miss something we changed (mostly outside programs that have been canceled, reruns of them eliminated or the time changed), let us know, we can try to find a slot for anything we should be keeping, but we need to hear from you.

Click below to view our program schedule (subject to change):

And click below for a one-line description of our local programs and many outside programs. Most of our outside music programs have self-explanatory names, so to keep it to one page, we include mainly descriptions of non-music outside programs.

Prog Descrips for grid – July 2017

Please contact us at or 218-595-6195 with your feedback and program suggestions. Send us your show ideas – want to host your own show or just tell us what you would like to hear?

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