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KTWH Program schedule

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You may view the KTWH program schedule below as well as a very brief description of the local programs and some of the non-local programs. Space does not allow for all the outside programs, but the music show titles are mostly self-explanatory.

In general, weekdays are a morning show from 7am to 9am, each morning with a different host and flavor. This is followed by music shows until noon, then community events for five minutes or so at noon. This is followed by 2 hours of talk and informational shows, including programs about books, public affairs, etc, including – most importantly! – a half hour of stories for little kids from 12:30 to 1:00pm.

From 2:00 to 6:00 is generally music programming from outside but unique sources, not heard elsewhere on the radio dial in our area. At 6:00 we repeat the community events announcements, and evenings are music shows hosted and curated by local programmers.


Dale at the controls

Dale at the controls

Youth-produced programs include Will’s Sports Wrap, a summary of recent and upcoming sports events in our community by Will Peterson, and The High School Show by Dale Peterson (no relation) – an update on happenings at the high school and some of Dale’s favorite music. These both run early Friday afternoons.

Weekends include repeats of several of our programs, especially local ones, giving you more of a chance to hear things you would like, or to listen again to those especially good shows. Our music spans many different genres, so if you don’t like what you are hearing, try us at another time. You will certainly find something you like!


Prog Descrips for grid,sept2015

Open House details and our program grid

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Yes, we ARE going on-air this Sunday! We hope you can join us at the Harbor Landing building, 7th and 7th, to hear some great local music, have some good snacks, and record your greeting to the community.  You can also stream at of course!

Details for Sunday afternoon:

1:00 – sign-on! broadcasting at 99.5fm, and streaming at

and in the Harbor Landing atrium:

1:15 – Austin Engelhardt, violin/fiddle virtuoso

2:00 – THUG – Two Harbors Ukulele Group

3:00 – Jim Madison, singer-songwriter

3:45 – Hannah Rey

and sometime during the afternoon we’ll have a short acknowledgments segment in the atrium.


[photo courtesy of Dave Anderson of Brimson, preparing for Saturday’s tractor parade]


Meanwhile KTWH on-air will be interspersing radio-themed music with short interviews of many of our programmers to get a sense of who they are and what they will be doing. Music in the atrium is not being broadcast, but each of the performers will be interviewed on-air as well. The entire afternoon’s broadcast will be recorded for broadcast at some future time. So come to the open house, and listen to the broadcast at a later time – we would like to see you here!

Below are our launching program grid and a short description of many of the programs. The schedule is subject to change as we evolve.


Prog Descrips for grid,sept2015