Window on North Korea

Window on North Korea hopes to humanize our image of the people of North Korea with stories from defectors now living elsewhere and sources from within this mysterious country. We only hear about their leader Kim Jong Un, missile tests and exchanges of threats between their leadership and ours. But what about everyday people in North Korea?

The Korean peninsula, now divided under two flags

Like night and day, the peninsula by night in 2012


Preview Episode, Window on North Korea (December 2017)


Episode 1: NK Defector Park Ui-song’s story (December 16, 2017)


Episode 2: Do North Korean women wear high heels? Do they smoke? (December 23, 2017)


Episode 3: Solstice and New Years customs (December 30, 2017)


Episode 4: Kim Jong Un’s birthday (January 6, 2018)


Episode 5: Does North Korea have its own calendar? (January 13, 2018)


Episode 6: Do North Koreans believe in an afterlife? (January 20, 2018)


Episode 7: What does it mean to be cool in North Korea? (January 27, 2018)


 Episode 8: North Korea’s participation in the Winter Olympics in South Korea (February 3, 2018)


Episode 9: More on the Olympics: becoming an Olympics athlete in NK, & sports in everyday life (Feb 10, 2018)

 Episode 10: North Korean participation in the Olympics, conclusion (Feb 24, 2018)