Studio update: clean carpet cast-offs wanted!

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Studio construction is underway! Check out the studio model meticulously built by Tom K, our jack of all trades and skills!

Overhead,KTwH-studio Overhead,KTwH-studio2 StudioModel-story

Since we are a community radio station, we are running on very little money. So in lieu of expensive soundproofing at this stage in our development, we are looking for clean pieces of carpeting to be used for sound-deadening in our new broadcast studio in the Harbor Landing building. We need three pieces that are about 8 feet square [we can be flexible], and some more odd bits to fill in another wall space. The ideal would be some medium shag…does this stuff still exist? Deep pile is better than short pile and short pile is better than none at all.

We are also looking for a bit of carpeting to use as an area floor covering. This would be short pile or fairly smooth carpet, and again, about 8 feet square. As you can guess from the carpet dimensions, the studio is pretty small. It is a nice start, and as as the station grows, so can the studio. Carpet color is not too important, as long as it does not induce nosebleed or dizziness.

Please call 830-0489 or email to make arrangements for pickup of your cast-off clean carpet.
Thank you very much for helping your station get on the air!

KTWH, Hearing local voices soon on Community Radio, 99.5fm


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