Meet the Two Harbors Community Radio Team!

Leo Babeu, Co-founder, Board Member, Morning show host

Leo Babeu

Co-founder, Board Member, Morning show host

Leo Babeu is an environmental scientist by training and is now at various times a market gardener and reluctant community activist, as well as full-time punster, music lover, and reality based optimist. He has done stints as a non-commercial radio programmer, biomedical and toxicology researcher, sugarbush technician, town clerk, watershed stewardship organizer, home builder, and school volunteer and coach. He is committed to working with others who see the need, in the face of overwhelming challenges, to make a difference on slowing climate change and maintaining the clean fresh water in this region upon which our future hinges. He lives in the woods of Clover Valley near Two Harbors.

Shane Dickey, Board Member, Music Programming Chair

Shane Dickey

Board Member, Music Programming Chair

Kentucky native Shane Dickey makes his home in the woods of northern Minnesota, where he is rebuilding an old Finnish cabin. Shane has spent his working life in the nonprofit, social service and educational fields. In settings from schools to libraries to community centers, he has focused on issues of literacy and empowerment for young people, non-native English speakers and disenfranchised adults. Shane’s area of academic interest is in literature, writing and the oral tradition; for years he performed as a storyteller and presented storytelling workshops in the lower Midwest before moving north. Since a young age, Shane has favored the stereo over the television and has long been an avid music and “low-end of the dial” radio listener. He is thrilled to be part of the burgeoning Two Harbors community radio movement.

Marlys Wisch, Board Secretary

Marlys Wisch

Board Secretary

Marlys was born in Two Harbors, raised in Larsmont.   After graduating from Two Harbors High School, she worked for the telephone company for 40 years, retiring in 2003.  Part of her career with the telephone company was to facilitate and train a variety of small group sessions to teach communication skills, and team building. Throughout all of these years Marlys has been very activity in a variety of community service venues, serving on many Boards of Directors and chairing many committees. She is the Secretary/Treasurer of the Larsmont Community Club, in charge of the historical Little Red Schoolhouse in Larsmont. In 2013, she and Co-Founder Sue Hilliard, started the Lake County Sex Trafficking Task Force to prevent and stop trafficking of women and youth. Marlys was very active in the labor movement over the 40 years of telephone work and still keeps her “nose in it.” Marlys loves getting lots of exercise, especially walking 4-5 miles a day.  Loves to read books with paper pages!!! Enjoys time with family and friends, although it is not too often. Marlys is looking forward to working with all at KTWH, being on the Board, chairing the fundraising committee, and much more.

Sherri Q, Board Treasurer

Sherri Q

Board Treasurer

Sherri Q joined the THCR board as of January 2017, and generously took on the role of Treasurer – for which the board is most grateful! Her unique personality, voice(s) and hair colors add spice to our motley crew! Listeners may look forward to hearing more of Sherri’s cartoon character voices, delightful sense of humor and challenging (to some) taste in music in the months ahead.



Katya Gordon, Board Member

Katya Gordon

Board Member

Katya and her husband Mark have created a unique lifestyle taking people sailing aboard their sailboat, homeschooling, and building political will for a fee on carbon. This enables Katya to join the colorful and always fascinating team of people who run KTWH. Radio pulls together everything she believes in—a shared purpose, old-fashioned connection to one another, a vast array of differing ideas and priorities, and plain old hard work and commitment. She believes KTWH is bringing out the best in all of us, and is an antidote to many of the ills of society —isolation, virtual reality, the fast pace.

Currently, Katya hosts Friday morning’s Grounds Control morning show and is looking forward to watching the popularity of KTWH grow as it serves an increasing number of social needs.

Al Anderson, Board Member

Al Anderson

Board Member

Raised on the North Shore near Silver Creek, Al Anderson went on to study music education at St. Olaf College.  Following graduation, he ventured west for a stint teaching music in a small cowtown in eastern Montana.  He later departed the education field for a career in the insurance industry as a commercial facilities auditor throughout the northern Rockies.  This led him to driving hundred’s of thousands of miles, all the while listening to public and local radio stations.  During this time, Al developed a strong appreciation for the power of local broadcasting.  Today, he’s delighted that KTWH provides our area with a great variety of quality programming.

Al returned to Two Harbors in 1997 and is very active in the community and the local music scene, including the Two Harbors Ukulele Group, Two Harbors City Band, United Church of Two Harbors Choir, and more.  He is a Retirement Income Specialist with Lakeside Advisors LLC.

Fran Kaliher, Co-founder, volunteer

Fran Kaliher

Co-founder, volunteer

Fran Kaliher is just old enough to have known life before television. She was born in rural central Minnesota, in what could be mistaken for Lake Wobegon. One of her earliest memories is of listening to WCCO out of Minneapolis in the kitchen with her mother. The morning program’s theme song must have been “Red Red Robin [comes bob-bob-bobbin’ along]” because that song alone stands out in her audio-recollection of those early years. That and the mourning doves calling in her neighborhood.
Fran has lived in the woods north of Two Harbors for over 30 years, off both the phone and power grids. She listens to her radio a lot when not listening to the neighborhood loons, wolves, owls or musicians. But she looks forward to hearing about the local news, community events, issues and culture of the greater Two Harbors area on community radio. She is intrigued by the range of programs already suggested and expects Two Harbors Community Radio will bring some of the hidden treasures and creativity of our area to the airwaves to be shared.

Mychele Anderson, Activities Manager and Morning Show host

Mychele Anderson

Activities Manager and Morning Show host

Mychele Anderson is excited to be working in radio once again after a few years absence to focus on family and other life changing events.  She attended Minneapolis Community College and Brown Institute for Broadcasting.  Upon graduating she moved to Ely, and worked for many years, wearing many different hats, including Assistant Manager at WELY during the Charles Kuralt/Hillman days.  For her finding radio as a career choice was a “happy accident,” as she originally was going to be a social worker, but wanted something more that would combine her many interest which included political activism, music, community awareness, environment issues, and a commitment to non-profit organizations which she believes are the heart and soul of communities.  She loves the spirit and energy of Two Harbors and the ” second chance” Two Harbors Community Radio has given her to continue to bring these interests into a meaningful life journey.

Julie Luchsinger, Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator

Julie Luchsinger

Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator

Julie is brand new to radio, but has years of experience in event planning and is eager to grow the volunteer base at KTWH.  She is living proof that whether you are “techy” or not, you can learn to run the board at the station and do the top of the hour and the weather on the air.  She is looking forward to hearing from you about how you would like to be involved in community radio!

Michelle Miller, Morning Show host

Michelle Miller

Morning Show host

In the words of Milton Berle “If opportunity doesn’t knock…build a door.” Michelle says she is proud and humbled to be part of the Two Harbors Community Radio; building the door to serve our community. Introduced to Terry Gross through “Fresh Air” in the early ‘90’s, she was inspired to be so cool and engaging through the airwaves. It was a long journey and 5 years ago, Michelle enrolled in Brown College’s Radio Broadcasting program. Learning and experiencing the tools she needed to attain that goal through interning at KS 95 and 98 Country, life led her to Two Harbors this past summer. After owning her own Art Education business, working at Como Park Zoo & Conservatory and a Student Foreign Exchange Program, raising two boys and traveling a bit; Michelle now feels prepared to start chipping away at making a difference in community radio. Tune in/support THCR…she don’t guarantee “Fresh Air” status but hopefully something you enjoy.

Jackie Rennwald, Morning Show host and so much more!

Jackie Rennwald

Morning Show host and so much more!

Jackie Rennwald was born in St. Louis, MO., but ultimately grew up in Mankato, MN, graduated with an English degree and teaching certification from Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, and enjoyed teaching high school English for a few years. Eventually, Jackie found herself interviewing for a morning show co-host at KDOG FM in Mankato, and found herself behind the microphone three days later. After meeting her future husband, they moved to Indiana where he had a job and again, a spontaneous interview put Jackie happily on the air for a country station doing morning show, promotions, and then as assistant Program Director at WBTU FM in Fort Wayne, IN. When her husband’s job in Sliver Bay landed them here in Two Harbors, Jackie found radio work at KDAL AM in Duluth doing morning news gathering and reporting, and her own afternoon talk show. Currently, she is a stay at home mom who homeschools her ten year old son, Henry, and after a decade of being away from radio, is very excited to be a part of a Community Radio Station, right here in Two Harbors.

Kevin Titus, Volunteer

Kevin Titus


Kevin brings a lot of radio experience to KTWH, he was program director at WSSU at U of W, Superior and worked at WAKX/KXTP in Duluth for over 20 years.  He always enjoyed working on the radio because he listened to good music and got paid to do it.  He thought he hung up his headphones but when he saw KTWH needed volunteers he offered his services.  Radio has changed a lot for him over the years, he used to play 45’s and 33’s and now much of the music is computerized which is different.  As he worked with the station he became more involved because he thought he could bring a lot of experience to the group