Premiums are gifts to our donors to show our appreciation for your support.

Indicate your choice of premium(s) in the comments box on the final check out page. Be sure to include size for T-shirts.

If you make your donation as a monthly sustainer or in installments, contact us at or 218-595-6195 to let us know your premium choice(s).

KTWH ON THE AIR Coffee Mug (new for 2017)

$25 donation earns one 12 ounce ceramic mug
$40 donation earns two mugs;

All sustaining donors receive a mug in addition to other earned premiums. Goes well with radio that’s good to the last drop.

Sustainers become members of the exclusive KTWH mug club … ask us about the details

KTWH Water Bottle

$25 donation earns one 23 ounce stainless steel water bottle, carabiner included
$40 donation earns two water bottles;

  • Stainless Steel
  • 23oz
  • Carabiner
ktwh water bottle

KTWH Shirt & Painter’s Hat

$60 donation earns a 100% cotton KTWH T-shirt in lake view-blue (be sure to specify your T-shirt size in the comments box).
$75 donation earns an all cotton KTWH painter’s cap with lake view-blue lettering
$100 donation earns two 2 T-shirts or a cap and water bottle
$125 donation earns a T-shirt and a cap!

KTWH 100% Cotton “Painters Hat”
KTWH 100% Cotton T-Shirt
KTWH Shirt

Donating $150 and up

$150 and up earns a T-shirt, a cap, a water bottle, and an on-air message of your choice (in compliance with FCC rules and our mission statement) on the day of your choice. Contact us for details about this offer.

Monthly Payments

All donations of $60 or more may be paid for in monthly installments, see the Paypal check out page.
If you don’t have a Paypal account, you may still check out with a credit card on the Paypal site from our Donate page.