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Honorarium enables ‘High School Half Hour’

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“It seemed like the perfect way for me to apply my interests and develop my skills,” said Sam Knight. Sam is one of the Two Harbors High School students responsible for the weekly production of The High School Show which airs Fridays & Saturdays at 1:30 PM. The young Mr. Knight joined the team as a self-taught audio engineer/editor.

The High School Show, a half hour of music and news relevant to all ages, is part of the Youth Radio Initiative which is funded via a grant from the Northland Foundation. The initiative seeks to promote intergenerational grassroots participation in a variety of endeavors throughout Northern Minnesota. Some of its goals are assisting students in acquiring the production skills and interview techniques required to produce a weekly show, developing relationships with mentors in business, government, and civic organizations, as well as a knowledge transfer from senior to freshmen participants in the program.

The program is overseen by on-air personality Mychele, who spearheaded a similar project while working in radio on the Iron Range. The students describe her as an easy going and accepting mentor who champions and relishes their uniqueness. She speaks glowingly of these young adults when she recounts lessons learned from them and tales of the 120+ hours of volunteer effort the students have contributed to various projects both in and outside the studio.

The credit for the show’s inception goes to THHS student Dale Peterson, who submitted the initial proposal for the High School Show. Dale was already somewhat of an accomplished interviewer and reporter before KTWH went live. He served as Two Harbors Community Radio’s ‘man on the scene’ during a 2015 summer food networking event and has conducted many of the interviews during the H.S.S.’s early days.

The Leon brothers, David & Jackson, make up the other half of the student production team for the show. Jackson, the subject of an interview by Dale, enjoyed himself so much during his time in the station that he joined the team. His brother David soon joined him. Both plan to pursue careers related to radio and audio/visual engineering.

KTWH-LP, 99.5 FM, is a volunteer run non-profit serving the town of Two Harbors and surrounding area with a broadcast range of 10 miles. It streams online at

THCR Program Producer Presents Punk Pioneers

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KTWH radio personality Kristina Rafn takes the audience to school with a two-part documentary presentation detailing the evolution of punk rock from its 60’s art scene roots, its exportation to the UK where it went supernova, and its influence on mainstream culture.

Each one-hour segment is a separately produced program and will follow Ms. Rafn’s regular Sunday 8-9 PM Digital Vinyl timeslot over a two-week period starting June 12th.

The first installment, The Pioneers of Punk, explores how Andy Warhol’s NYC art scene was embraced and transformed by that city’s economically disaffected youth during the 70’s.

In Part two, The Punk Invasion, the nascent genre getting no American airplay in the era of Disco, finds a home in the UK and evolves into a worldwide phenomenon.

Ms. Rafn, an avid music fan of alternative music since her late 80’s childhood, sees punk as being more than the soundtrack for protest, “When people think about punk, they think angry British people with Mohawks, but to me, punk is fun happy music.” Kristina also finds it empowering. “One of my favorite things about punk music is the place women hold in it. All-female bands like Mudwimin, Frightwig, Tragic Mulatto do not fit into the stereotypical sex goddess role. Punk audiences aren’t looking for glam, they want someone with an opinion that can rock.”

Digital Vinyl is a Two Harbors Community Radio produced weekly presentation of Kristina’s favorite upbeat alternative and punk rock classics.

KTWH Adds to Programming Schedule

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KTWH is adding several new programs to its lineup in the weeks ahead. The team at Lake County’s first community radio station are excited about the new shows that will air soon, but are looking to expand its range of programming to more fully encompass the varied interests of the community. “While we are proud of our locally produced music programs and new programs are already under production, we still have some gaps in our offerings,” said THCR board member Fran Kaliher. “We are looking for team members to support a classic country show as well as polka, gardening, and a public affairs program about environmental and health care topics in our area. If anyone is interested in working in any of these areas (on or off-mic), please call 218-595-6195, email, or stop by our studio in the Harbor Landing Building at 7th St and 7th Avenue.”

Three of the latest programs to be added to the lineup are:

The Gospel Truth – Sundays at 10 AM from WTIP, community radio station in Grand Marais
No matter what your level of faith, this Sunday morning program hosted by Doug Seim will lift your spirits. Doug explores Gospel’s roots, its history, and its modern day incarnation, with a slight focus on Southern Gospel, backed up with detailed information on the artists involved.

American Mosaic – Fridays at noon, immediately after Community Events.
A timeless series of stories with an emphasis on the common threads that connect rather than divide us. People from all walks of life and ethnicities relay their stories of everyday life.

Southern Crossroads – Wednesdays at 10 AM
Transplanted Texan Zak Williams hosts a two-hour musical exploration on the influence of bluegrass and the blues in Southern Culture.