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Program changes at KTWH

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January brings some minor changes to our program line-up. Please make note of these – and check them out!


* The Hotdish Imperative! a cooking show by local chef Uriah Hefter – airs Thursday mornings at 11:00-12:00, often done live, and repeated Saturday mornings at 11:00. [Note: Left, Right and Center and Sprouts which had aired during this hour are now broadcast from 10:00-11:00 Sunday mornings, replacing reruns of The Book Show and Person Place Thing. Those programs still air at 12:05pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays respectively.]

* Spirit in Action – an interview program produced in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, about the spiritual roots of guests’ social activism, airs Sunday mornings 9:00-10:00. [Note – we replaced the repeat of Maternally Yours, which had aired during that hour. Maternally Yours still airs at 1:00pm on Mondays]

*Saturday Morning Mix has been running on Saturday mornings for several weeks beginning at 9:00. After a rundown of local community events and weather, it is comprised of local, regional and seasonal features of interest to our area, including interviews from the previous week’s Grounds Control morning show.  Running from between one and two hours, it is sometimes followed by Storytime readings from Tom Koehler and/or other surprises chosen by the KTWH programming staff.